Withdrawal from 3mg of Nicotine

So I started vaping back in October 2018 and it was just like a little puff here a little puff there. I was intrigued by the tricks I could learn. My roommate was vaping my, boyfriend’s little brother was vaping, my brother was vaping and even my dad was vaping. It just seemed like cool […]

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A Little Adventure

I woke up yesterday morning thinking, “Ugh! I work at 2 until 10pm today. I should just relax while I can.” Little did I know, my fiancé had other plans for us. He said, “Come on, get up and ready for the day. We are going to get out of the house, just me and […]

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Unguarded Thoughts

To me, blogging is one of the bravest ways for someone to express themselves; their thoughts and feelings about any and everything are exposed to the world. Its like being naked, but for your mind. It’s all spilled out on the pages for everyone to read. Complete strangers knowing everything about you and your 💭. […]

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